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Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi, I'm Kat. I like bubbles, the color pink, baby laughter, newlyweds, and the beach. My husband and I are native Californians and have now found our home in Utah. All grown up and still believing in magic and happy endings? That's what happens when you've worked and lived at Walt Disney World, then have the fairy tale wedding you always dreamed of. Every moment is an exciting opportunity for adventure and discovery! I found joy in everything I did, from music and dance to programming, design, and photography. I really love making things come to life through beauty. And now I've found that telling Love Stories of people who've found each other is quite enjoyable for me.

How long have you been doing this?

The guest books are rather novel! The first of these guest books I made was for my own wedding, and I treat every creation I work on with the same care and detail as with my own. Over time, I believe I've become more artsy with their design in terms of layouts, but they're all so cute! I've been designing commissioned projects since I was twelve. I think the first thing I sold was a sketch of a car I made in second grade. Now I'm the Vice President of Design at a sports supplement company.

What's the story behind AKD Wedding Love Stories?

After going to business school and having a blast working at Disney World, I returned home to find my best friend waiting for me. We fell in love and he asked me to marry him! But that's another story... You can flip through our Photo Wedding Guest Book and our Fairytale Wedding Album to learn that.

With a limited budget, we decided to invest in the most important thing to us— memories. This wedding was only going to happen once, and we wanted to capture the magic of our being completely elated and in love. What our cake looked like, who was there, how we danced—every beautiful detail could be captured and revisited for years to come. We carefully selected our photographer and dropped $1,000 on pictures. To this day, my husband and I agree it was worth every penny.

I wanted my wedding to have a unique special touch, an irreplaceable keepsake that told our story. All of our friends and family would be here one night, and we couldn't visit with everyone even though we sincerely wanted to. Options were few, didn't have the photo options I was looking for, and many were too expensive. As a professional graphic designer, I decided to create my own custom Photo Wedding Guest Book! It was functional and served as a place for guests to sign and write messages to us, a display for our engagement photos, and a keepsake to view on our honeymoon and display in our home. My then-fiancee said it was, "Like a Yearbook!"

Our guest book was a hit at our wedding. Guests loved looking at the photos, reading our short blurb about how we met and what our plans were. Many of the comments were about how cute our song fit us perfectly. Every page was filled with signatures! Many guests kept asking who made it and where they could get one. I started making them for wedding gifts to loved ones who were getting married. As more people saw these fun and unique books, orders grew and the rest is history!

Agent Kat Design Weddings is dedicated to making Your Love Story Our Specialty. We will tell your Love Story in a stylish, high quality, timeless way so you can enjoy your wedding memories for a lifetime.